Lucasfilm apparently did cancel one Star Wars movie


Who needs Tatooine to show up in Star Wars again? Apparently, the answer is “not Lucasfilm,” which means that yes, some movies did get canceled.

To briefly recap the shenanigans that have happened with Lucasfilm, reports were made that all the spinoffs in the works had gotten the axe. Then reports were made that of course that hadn’t happened, that projects were still being worked on. Now, CinemaBlend has a quote from production designer Neil Lamont that effectively confirms that something did get canceled.

That something heavily involved Tatooine. Naturally, CinemaBlend brings up both the Obi-Wan Kenobi film as well as the Boba Fett movie, both of which have only enjoyed the status of rumor, technically speaking. However, we’re ready to dive in a little further with some theorizing.

With Lamont’s comment that whatever was being done would “just [make] our mark” on the planet, it seems like the Kenobi film would be more likely, because if it were on Tatooine, it would have been set during the period between the prequels and original trilogy. In other words, it would have occurred during a period that mostly hasn’t explored Tatooine.

But beyond that, it does show that Lucasfilm is changing up its strategy. Is it to the same degree that the original reports had it? Maybe not. But it’s not the much more hunky-dory view that Lucasfilm presented in its statement, either. In other words, there might just be hope for the galaxy far, far away yet. It’s not a great amount of hope — but it’s something.

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After a string of disheartening news for Star Wars fans who expect better for this 41-year-old franchise, we’ll take any signs that the franchise is willing to tell new stories. Maybe we’ll finally get to see Dantooine.

(Well, we’d like new planets over Dantooine. It is a big galaxy, after all.)