25 celebrities you didn’t know had music careers

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Bruce Willis

He’s not just an action movie star! Bruce Willis has actually released a couple of albums, and they’re not bad!

Known for movies like Die Hard, The Fifth Element, The Sixth Sense, Armageddon, and so many more, Bruce Willis has also expressed a love for music over the years. In 1987, he released his debut studio album, a mix of R&B and blues, with Motown Records, titled The Return of Bruno. The lead single was the song “Respect Yourself” featuring June Pointer of The Pointer Sisters. The song was a hit and debuted in the top 5 of the Billboard Hot 100, but the album got mixed reviews.

A few years later, in 1989, Bruce released his followup album, If It Don’t Kill You, It Just Makes You Stronger, also with Motown Records. Reviews were, yet again, mixed, but less than favorable. Bruce could play a mean harmonica, but reviewers felt like he definitely shouldn’t give up his day job of acting. It was commendable, though, that he stuck to the music he loved instead of playing up the popular styles of that era.

That may have been Bruce’s last album, but he has returned to music a few times over the years. He has appeared on several songs from movie soundtracks, including the films Moonlighting, Hudson Hawk, The Whole Nine Yards, and Rugrats Go Wild (obviously a classic). He also appeared on the band Blues Traveler’s album North Hollywood Shootout, on the track “Free Willis (Ruminations from Behind Uncle Bob’s Machine Shop)”.

Bruce hasn’t completely given up music after his two less-than-successful albums, but that’s probably because his music career was more of a passion project. If he loves to do it, then why not?