Wonder Woman 1984: Yes, there will probably be a fancy party scene


Wonder Woman 1984 might try and top the blue dress scene with a fancy party of its own for Diana to attend, according to new set photos.

Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman can own any single look she sports; we knew this to be true in the first film, and looks at the set of the second have shown it’s still true. But so far, Diana Prince has only worn her Wonder Woman attire and some casual looks.

With these new set photos, however, it seems as though there might be room for some fancy dress to make an appearance. Fan account WonderWomanHQ has posted photos claiming to be from the set that show reproductions of a Smithsonian Institution gala-type event in 1984.

This isn’t the first time that a museum has featured in materials associated with the movie; Patty Jenkins’ official unveiling of Cheetah/Barbara Minerva shows the character in what looks like an exhibit. Yours truly also name-checked the Smithsonian as a potential place for Diana to be working, and the gala apparently making an appearance as a setting in the film seems to lend credence to that idea.

It’s also an excuse to probably put Chris Pine in a tuxedo and Gadot into another dress that will help her conceal a weapon; it’s possible that this could be where Cheetah and Wonder Woman cross paths. Then again, that could be too similar to the first film, as Diana confronts Ludendorff at a party.

Here’s another guess: this could open the entire film and establish a few things, while also avoiding criticism that it’s reproducing the story beats of the first movie. It’d probably deprive viewers of Pine in a tuxedo, but that’s a small price to pay for changing things up in the sequel.

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Wonder Woman 1984 won’t arrive until next year, so stay tuned for all the latest.