Wonder Woman 1984 filming looks to have moved to London


Wonder Woman 1984 looks like it could be quite the globe-trotting film, thanks to new photos from London and possibly the Canary Islands.

Although Wonder Woman 1984 kicked production off in Washington D.C., it appears that that won’t be the only city that Diana Prince and Steve Trevor will visit. Fan account @WonderWomanHQ, which covers spoilers for the film, has posted some pictures of Gal Gadot filming, including this one of her rocking an all-white outfit as Diana.

The locations include Regent’s Park and the Royal College of Physicians. Additionally, there’s a picture claiming to be a trailer for someone known only as “Handsome Man.” While minds would immediately jump to Chris Pine, it’s important to note that there aren’t any photos of him around, and there’s another handsome man in the film: Pedro Pascal. The first photo of Pascal did include him in the backseat of a fancy car … and a fancy town car also appears to be in use over in London.

That means that waiting and seeing who else fans find in London is in order. Hopefully that’ll clarify what kinds of scenes we’ll see there. However, it does make some sense for Steve to be in London as well. He’s familiar with the city as it was in World War I, but after 70 years, things have changed quite a bit. Whether or not it’ll be played for comedy in a reversal of the first Wonder Woman film remains to be seen. (What would be a food that really impresses Steve? Pizza’s spread all over the world?)

Meanwhile, CBR has also picked up a photo from the same account, claiming that it’s from the Canary Islands and that the set shown is an “Egyptian village.” CBR’s theory that this could tie in to the Cheetah seems wise on first glance, but it’s really just too early to tell, because it appears that actors haven’t arrived there yet.

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What do you make of these Wonder Woman 1984 developments?