Mark Hamill burns the Space Force and teases Star Wars Episode IX


Twitter might have more characters to work with, but Mark Hamill’s two-for-one special on the Space Force and Star Wars Episode IX still rocks.

Following Mark Hamill on Twitter is practically a therapeutic experience in the year 2018. He doesn’t have the relentlessly positive morning and evening greetings of Lin-Manuel Miranda, but what he does have are some dad-joke hashtags and the ability to tease his work on a certain Star Wars movie while casually casting some aspersions on the Space Force in one tweet. (And sometimes, the two cross over, and it’s just as wonderful as you might imagine.)

It seems like Hamill isn’t filming Episode IX just yet, despite production beginning and official confirmation that he is in the cast. He posted a picture earlier today that has fans thinking he’s currently in Prague.

With that time difference in mind, this early-morning tweet makes a lot more sense. Check it out below:

Well, that’s a relief. Star Wars Episode IX: Space Force just doesn’t work. Nor does the infamous joke title From His Nap, honestly, even if it’s still hilarious. (Hey, Luke Skywalker probably took some awesome naps on Ahch-To.) As for the hashtag #9WillBeFineAllInGoodTime, it’s perhaps a little unwieldy, but it should have fans breathing a little easier again.

If you still can’t believe that the Space Force is real, the current presidential administration wants to have it fully operational (if you’ll excuse the Star Wars reference) by 2020. However, NBC News points out in that same article that what the administration wants and what the administration is going to get might be two different things entirely.

This isn’t the first time that Hamill has commented on the state of the administration, as he’s been known to occasionally read some presidential tweets using the voice of the Joker, which says it all right there.

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Episode IX premieres in 2019.