CBS aims to create an American Love Island and how about no?


Why must we Americans always swoop in and try to take things from Britain? CBS wants an American Love Island and that’s not a great idea.

CBS has its eyes on Brit gem Love Island, and we’re here to say it isn’t going to work. Many shows have gone through this process of being Americanized, and unless you’re a hit like The Office, it can sink pretty quickly (see: Viva Laughlin, called the worst TV series ever by The New York Times).

Here’s a quick reminder of Love Island‘s set up:

Singles go to a villa, and there, the men judge the women on their looks and everyone just pairs up into couple. The art is to fall in love as a forced couple and win money for being in love. The first season (the one I am currently binging) is delightful because while the couples are fine (Hannah and Jonathan are hilariously in love), the show is really more about these lads just being there for each other.

On the show, the men are almost more in love with each other than any couple is. They just want their friends to stay on the show and, in the first season at least, they have strategies to keep their friends on the show.

Bring that to America and it isn’t about friendship anymore. It is going to be about winning.

Which fine, sure win the money, but the British boys were here to literally built a fort together for fun. Maybe they’ll find love, maybe they’ll win money, but they will do anything for each other.

Will that happen on an American reality show? Likely not. It’ll be drama, drama, drama. Let’s just leave it to the British for the time being because they truly get it.

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Would you watch an American Love Island? Do you think it deserves an American version?