Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger season 1 finale preview: Colony Collapse


Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger reaches its finale and has Tandy and Tyrone racing to outrun their opposition. Who knows what will happen to the city?

Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger has been light on the insane thrills so far this season, which is a safe play.

But it really looks like they’re throwing that all out the window for the season finale.

That’s right, we’re already through the first season of Cloak and Dagger! It feels like it just started a few weeks ago and now we’re already to the final showdown. But don’t worry — we’ll be back for a second season with Tandy and Tyrone.

Here’s the official synopsis for this week’s episode, courtesy of Freeform:

"In the dramatic season finale of “Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger,” everything comes to a head for Tyrone and Tandy as the city of New Orleans is thrown into chaos. The two realize that it is time they face their destiny and test their powers as “The Divine Pairing” to save the city."

My big question: Will Evita or her auntie be witness to this great calamity? Will they actually see Tandy and Tyrone in action? Someone has to, right?

Tandy and Tyrone ended last week’s episode on less-than-friendly terms (which honestly happens every other episode for them). Roxxon’s oil rig digging or whatever you want to call it must turn out so bad that they have to unite. It’s the end of the season. Things have to turn around at this point … right?

That and they both have some crazy hostility against them — Tyrone has SWAT after him and Tandy has Roxxon.

I have a strange feeling that more than one character may end up dead in the finale. Whether it’s Tandy’s mom or Detective O’Reilly, who knows?

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We’ll have to see what’s in store this Thursday, August 2, at 8 pm! Check back on Culturess for everything you need to know about the episode, including a post-finale breakdown!