James and Lily Potter: The real couple of the Harry Potter series


Everyone has their favorite relationship but let us talk for a second about James and Lily Potter. The couple that truly ruled the Harry Potter universe.

James and Lily Potter died on October 31, 1981. They sacrificed their own lives at the tender age of 21 to make sure that their son, Harry, was safe. But we don’t know very much about them as a couple other than what people tell Harry.

That is enough though to show us just how much they truly loved each other. Hogwarts sweethearts, James and Lily were two unlikely lovers and seeing them grow to care for one another would be quite something to see. She hated him for how he treated Severus and he was infatuated with her.

Sure enough, they ended up falling in love and seeing them dancing around together is something that Harry, and us fans, cherish still to this day. All Harry wanted was to be with his parents. Whether it is them raising him or just to see them again, all he wanted out of the Mirror of Erised was to have them.

And we want to see them fall in love. There is something so pure and magical about James and Lily and maybe that has to do with the fact that we only got to see them through a lens of their friends praising them. Still though, the two clearly have a story that we want to see and to have them go before we can learn all there is to know about them is tragic for us. We just want more of James and Lily!

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Here is to James and Lily Potter. We barely knew you but the couple that changed the fate of the wizarding world deserves all our love and attention.