Happy birthday, J.K Rowling! We owe you the entire wizarding world!


Much like the character she gave the world, J.K Rowling also celebrates her birthday today and here is wishing her a happy 53rd birthday!

J.K Rowling was the reason we got introduced to the magical world. Basically having nothing, Rowling gave us the world that we all turn to whenever we are distraught. She showed us what it meant to be accepted when she struggled so long to get the book even considered.

Now, it seems wild that she struggled because Harry Potter’s journey is one of the most recognized things in pop culture today. You can see a lightning bolt and instantly be reminded of Harry and his struggle trying to stop Voldemort.

That’s all thanks to Rowling and her vision. She saw this boy, brought him to life and gave us all something to turn to when we needed to feel as if we belonged. Without her vision, who knows where a lot of us would be. While the Harry Potter series is special for a lot of reasons, one of the main points is that it provides fans with a sense of home.

Hogwarts is always going to be there to welcome us home and Rowling is the reason we have that. We know that we can always turn to Harry and his journey to find a way through our dark times. When it seems like we’re stuck, we know that there is a part of the Harry Potter series that can help shine a light on our problems.

Without her vision and dedication to us, who knows what we’d be.

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So happy birthday Jo! You gave us this magical series and we owe so much of our love to you since you gave us the Boy Who Lived.