Harry Potter and his parents: the pain that comes with his loss


In Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, there is a scene that truly shows the pain that Harry still has from the loss of his parents. And it is very hard to watch.

Harry Potter lost his parents at a very young age. He was not prepared to lose them and, for years, thought a car accident had taken their lives. Flash foward to when Harry is preparing to go to Hogwarts and we know the real truth behind the death of James and Lily Potter.

There is one scene in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child that hits hard and it is one that shows that Harry still, after all these years, struggles with the death of his parents. He is standing, watching as Voldemort has to go and kill them and it clearly devastates him.

Harry, as a grown man with children of his own, is forced to see the death of James and Lily and the beginning of his destiny. He can’t look away and he has to stand there and just accept that this is the brutality of what happened to his parents.

To be fair, it is tragic all around but to know that Harry would have to eventually go through watching it, that no matter the timeline, he’s forced to see his parents dying? It is terrible but also explains so much about Harry and his character. He’s the kind of character who will willingly hurt himself to protect those he loves and that’s why he’s so special. He just wants to do what’s right and that includes making sure Voldemort still carries out his task that would change Harry’s future.

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