25 of the most buzzworthy new shows for Fall 2018

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A Million Little Things – ABC

What you’re watching: This is ABC’s answer to the tear-jerking, schmaltzy genre that will undoubtedly have us all sniveling before the opening credits are over. The title refers to the old adage about friendship being made up of “a million little things.” The show follows a group of long-term friends that come together after the death of one of the group.

Some friends have grown up to be successful and happy, while others are struggling to keep their lives on track. No matter the status of their lives, their friend’s death is a real wake up call about what they should do to make themselves happy.

What it reminds you of: This is The Big Chill updated for the new millennium.  It’s just as sentimental without being as witty or sharp. For those of you who’ve never seen The Big Chill (you absolutely must remedy that immediately), you might find it reminds you of Brothers and Sisters or maybe even a little Grey’s Anatomy without all the medical jargon to fill the space.

Long-term potential: This show is firmly an ensemble project, but with Ron Livingston heading up the (mostly unknown) cast, there is a lot of weight on his shoulders. I like it for a season or two, but it could be the dark horse of the season. Nobody thought a messy little medical show like Grey’s would make it to 15 seasons, but here we are.