15 best Will & Grace episodes to watch while waiting for the new season

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Coffee & Commitment (Season 3, Episode 11)

Speaking of old friends, couple Joe and Larry are getting married and invite their pals Will and Grace. Little do they know, Will and Grace are in the middle of a fight, and Jack is trying to kick a caffeine addiction.

Jack has been dating a barista who gives him free coffee, and now he’s even more crazy and energetic than ever. But he decides he has to kick his addiction with help from Karen, and is going through withdrawals on the drive up to Vermont for the wedding. Karen is having struggles of her own, though, when they get to the wedding and she’s told it’s a dry wedding, meaning absolutely no alcohol will be served.

Will and Grace are having their own problems, as Will puts his foot down over always having to pay for things for Grace. He covers her dry cleaning, she insists he put both their names on gifts but never chips in, and Will is sick of it. They come to a blow at the wedding, when Will says he’s tired of Grace acting like his wife.

When Will and Grace are expected to read a poem at the ceremony, they finally apologize to each other and are best friends again, because how could they ever stay mad at each other?

Will & Grace may not get serious very often, but even when they do tackle some tougher issues, like the problems with their codependency on each other, they still manage to make us laugh in the process. Hopefully, they keep that up on the new seasons to come!

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