25 essential video games every gamer should know

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15. Journey

Journey is a gorgeous indie game made by That Game Company for the PlayStation 3 that features stunning graphics and environments paired with a phenomenal musical score. The gameplay is unique, using tilt-controls and analog sticks to control a robed figure through a vast desert riddled with ancient ruins. The entire story is told without dialog and instead through stylized murals between each level, with smaller murals hidden for the player to find.

Your character is on a pilgrimage to a nearby mountain and you’ll cross a huge desert, travel through dark ruins and trudge through the snow to get there. Each level has its own puzzle to complete in order to continue on and players will enlist the help of red ribbons, or ribbon creatures along the way. The game automatically connects players but they can only interact via movements and by emitting a wordless tone. They can assist each other with the various puzzled throughout the levels, since being close to one another can recharge the players’ ability to jump.

The game is critically acclaimed and has won several awards including 5 BAFTAs in 2013, 8 awards at the 16th Annual D.I.C.E. Awards, was nominated for a Grammy, and many more.