15 TV episodes we’ll never get tired of watching

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Queer Eye, “You Can’t Fix Ugly”

We could seriously watch every episode of Netflix’s latest Queer Eye reboot over and over again, but if we had to choose just one episode, it would have to be the one that started it all with our beloved Tom.

Tom is a 57-year-old divorced man in Georgia who seriously needs the Fab Five’s help. His daughter nominated him for a makeover because of his bad sense of style, his non-existent grooming regimen, and his terrible diet. When Antoni, Tan, Jonathan, Karamo, and Bobby swarm Tom in public, he seems so excited and ready for a change, which is why we love him so much.

The entire episode, Tom gets down on himself, making jokes about his appearance and telling the boys that “you can’t fix ugly,” which the Fab Five immediately shut down. They tidy up Tom’s beard and hair, give him some easy skin care tips to help cope with the redness caused by his Lupus, and give him a fresh, hip wardrobe that is still age-appropriate for a 57-year-old southern man.

The best part of the entire makeover, as is the case with pretty much every episode of Queer Eye, is how confident and excited Tom looks at the end of the episode. He’s beaming and can’t stop smiling. He opened up his home to those five gay men, and they changed his life for the better, and he was so thankful.

The person who appreciates the makeover the most is Tom’s ex-wife Abby, who he seems to be on-again, off-again with. She shows up at his car show to see the Fab Five’s hard work, and is just as delighted as Tom was. It’s obvious the two are still so in love with each other, and it brings a tear to our eye just thinking about how adorable they were.

The best part about re-watching this episode is knowing that Tom and Abby officially tied the knot again! Don’t you love a happy ending?