Iron Fist season 2 could and should bring in Daredevil


With news coming that Typhoid Mary will make her debut in season 2 of Iron Fist, it seems only natural that Daredevil should thus cameo.

The odds of Netflix making a second season of The Defenders seem awfully low at this point. Krysten Ritter has said as much. Moreover, it’s well-known that the series didn’t do so well in terms of ratings, inasmuch as Netflix ever cares about ratings. But that hasn’t stopped the different shows from pulling others in.

Hey, Luke Cage even didn’t ruin its second season with Danny Rand. (Whether or not it was ruined in general is an entirely different debate.) But what it did do was continue a precedent first set by Jessica Jones: letting the heroes cross over into other individual series.

With news coming from San Diego Comic-Con that Iron Fist season 2 will actually have a villain better known for her relationship to Daredevil — Typhoid Mary — then it seems like the natural response is to bring in Matt Murdock himself to meet her and perhaps even set up for season 3 of Daredevil, which is also currently in production.

Granted, io9 acknowledged that there isn’t a guarantee that Charlie Cox will need to suit up again. Moreover, these crossovers don’t have to be a regular occurrence. Both seasons of Daredevil so far have mostly stood on their own with just Claire Temple acting as the go-between.

But with io9 also pointing out that the Matt and Danny relationship will affect how Iron Fist season 2 plays out, then it seems only natural that he should at least show up to give some advice or square off with Typhoid Mary for the first time.

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Besides, with the report from io9 also acknowledging that the fighting looks way better in season 2 of Iron Fist, who better than the hero who gave the Netflix Marvel TV shows that reputation to make sure things are up to snuff, so to speak?