Here are 25 movies you should watch if you love the actors from the DCEU!

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Magic Mike XXL

Wish Mera and Deathstroke (well, okay, the DC TV version of Deathstroke) were in the same movie? Wish Deathstroke was dancing to “Closer” by Nine Inch Nails while stripping in said movie? Well, you’re in luck! Magic Mike XXL is a very real movie that exists that has all of those qualities and more.

Based on Channing Tatum’s wild dancing past, the sequel to Magic Mike is even wilder than the first. And the fact that it now includes not one but two members of the DC extended media family makes it even better! When his old stripping buddies recruit him to go back to his dancing ways, Mike ends up road-tripping with his friends to a competition for male strippers.

There, he meets Amber Heard’s character, someone he seemingly falls in love with and dances on during the competition. Including the likes of Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello, Tatum and more, Magic Mike XXL feels like a movie that shouldn’t really exist but does and is wonderful and confusing … and has this random scene with Andie MacDowell trying to and succeeding in sleeping with Deathstroke. It is wild and something that probably came out of someone’s fever dream.

Really though, you just have to experience Magic Mike XXL at least once in your life.