Professor McGonagall is returning to the big screen!


Dame Maggie Smith, forever known as the best teacher at Hogwarts, Professor McGonagall, is returning to the big screen.

Professor McGonagall is basically, a legend. She was a legend in the Harry Potter books but became even more of a legend portrayed by Dame Maggie Smith. She was everything we expected and more. And she is returning to the big screen once more as Violet Crowley in Downton Abbey.

The British drama series ran for 6 seasons where Dame Maggie Smith featured in each one. It was a hugely successful TV series, both in Britain and the U.S., earning itself a steady international following. It won several awards including Golden Globes and Emmy’s.

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When the series drew to a close; it was always the hope that Downton Abbey would return one day with a movie. That day has finally arrived and many of the original cast is returning, including Dame Maggie Smith.

One of the best things about Dame Maggie Smith character, Violet Crawley, is she is the muggle version of Professor McGonagall. Everything that made you love McGonagall, a.k.a the sass and witt, is there with Violet Crawley.

So to see her return is great. We are not likely ever to see another Harry Potter movie with Dame Maggie Smith as Professor McGonagall. But seeing her play Violet Crawley is almost just as good. Almost, no one can be as good as Professor McGonagall.

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What do you make think of Dame Maggie Smith starring in the Downton Abbey movie? Do you agree? Is her character basically the muggle version of Professor McGonagall? Drop a comment below with your thoughts.