15 of the best dance routines ever from So You Think You Can Dance

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“Ramalama (Bang Bang)” (Top 10, season 2) – Pop-Jazz

Choreographer: Wade Robson

We had to start off with a bang (bang)! The season 2 top 10 finalists, including series favorites like Travis Wall, Benji Schwimmer, and Allison Holker, performed a pop-jazz routine to the Roisin Murphy track “Ramalama (Bang Bang)” and it still remains one of the best group performances in SYTYCD history.

The dancers were dressed as Victorian zombies and wobbled their way around the stage completely in character. They made their way down the stairs, the men stomping their canes to the beat, and the girls holding their ruffled, frayed skirts, before the walking (or dancing?) dead took over the stage. Choreographer Wade Robson even joined in on the fun as one of the zombies and performed along with the top 10 finalists.

This is definitely the type of choreography that goes perfectly with the music; in fact, without the song’s spooky beat and catchy lyrics (“Ramalama bang bang, crash bang, big bang!”), the zombie theme wouldn’t have come to fruition so well. Watch out, “Thriller”!

We’re not alone in loving the “Ramalama” routine, either. Back in 2007, Robson won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Choreography for the piece. In fact, he shared his win with another SYTYCD choreographer, the always amazing Mia Michaels, for a routine that also shows up on this list. You’ll just have to wait and see which one.

If Nigel ever decides the show needs to do some kind of anniversary tribute episode or, if we’re really lucky, an All-Stars tour, this routine would have to be included!