10 reasons you should be watching Schitt’s Creek

Schitt's Creek stars Eugene Levy, Daniel levy, Annie Murphy and Catherine O'Hara (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)
Schitt's Creek stars Eugene Levy, Daniel levy, Annie Murphy and Catherine O'Hara (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images) /
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Alexis saying “David”

That header probably sounds really weird if you’ve never watched Schitt’s Creek, but I promise you, once you hear Alexis utter the name “David” you will never hear it the same way again. Alexis Rose, played by Annie Murphy, is your typical spoiled celebutante who was accustomed to traipsing around the world with billionaire beaus and never working a real job in her life before her family lost their fortune. Now imagine that kind of girl in the small town of Schitt’s Creek, and how much of a (hilarious) struggle it must be.

Murphy has perfected the ditzy girl vocal fry, so every time she utters “Day-ved!” (which is pretty much any time she talks to her brother) we can’t help but laugh. “Ewwwwuh, Day-ved!”

The lovable weirdos in a small town

If you’re from a small town — like, a really, really small town — you probably know the exact kind of lovable weirdos we’re talking about. Think Gilmore Girls, but a little more white trash. The small town of Schitt’s Creek is headed by town mayor Roland Schitt (yup, that’s a family name!), who quickly warms up to Johnny and the rest of the Rose family, much to their dismay.

The town welcomes the Rose family (even though they’re not really the best guests) and soon enough, the Roses become part of the local community. They’re greeted with a smile every day at the local diner by Twyla, the adorably naive waitress, they constantly run into Ray, the town’s only realtor (as well as a photographer and travel agent), and they try their best to avoid Roland and his wife, Jocelyn. At first, they think everyone is a real freak, but they do start to warm up to them eventually.

You can’t help but love the townspeople of Schitt’s Creek, because they’re always just trying their best to be welcoming and polite. The Rose family, on the other hand, is not.

Not just your typical “rich to poor” story

The whole “rich family loses their fortune and has to start over with nothing” storyline has been done to death, over and over again. But on Schitt’s Creek, it doesn’t feel tired and overdone. And that’s because of the great cast of characters, people who you both hate, but can’t help but love, like Moira and David.

Johnny Rose isn’t some cold-hearted, born-into-money businessman with no ethics, he’s a man who started a business and worked hard to make it a huge success. The second the family loses everything and has to start over in Schitt’s Creek, he immediately gets to work on a plan to make his money back. He can’t just sit around and do nothing while he waits for a miracle. That’s his wife’s job.

Even though Moira and the kids seem reprehensible and stuck in their snobby ways, even they start to realize that their old life is dead and gone and start making a life for themselves in their new town.