Solo: A Star Wars Story has a Rogue One Easter egg for fans


For all that Solo: A Star Wars Story hasn’t necessarily been hailed as a great addition to the universe, there is a little tidbit for Rogue One fans.

Put aside however you might feel about Solo: A Star Wars Story in general. There are some good parts in that movie, and a quick look at social media shows that Enfys Nest, in particular, has been welcomed, as has Qi’ra. We’re more talking about the former, though. Specifically, as found by AV Club, one of her Cloud Riders is a character who now appears in two Star Wars films: Edrio, better known as “Two Tubes.”

In terms of internal Star Wars chronology, he later appears in Rogue One as part of Saw Gerrera’s group, the Partisans.

The tweet from Jon Kasdan has mostly avoided notice until now; that makes sense, considering the recent waves that have rocked the Star Wars fandom due to Kelly Marie Tran’s recent exit from Instagram. Check it out below:

Honestly, it’s a nice touch by the screenwriters. Not only does it accomplish what Kasdan says it does, it actually makes the later Rebel Alliance seem like it actually formed out of a loose alliance of different groups that all decided to resist the Empire. All with members moving from group to group as their own priorities (or paychecks, as Edrio is a mercenary) changed, similar to Saw himself. What we see in the original films seems a lot more organized; things aren’t always so nice and neat in the Star Wars universe, especially not at the start.

As we get closer to Solo leaving theaters and coming out on Blu-Ray and digital later this year, it seems like more of these eggs will be found. This is the second confirmation, though; another came from the official Star Wars Twitter regarding a certain droid and the Millennium Falcon.

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What other tidbits will we discover? It’s tough to say.