The strange realization that Severus Snape isn’t as sad as we thought


Severus Snape is one of those characters that seems to have quite the fanbase still. But it is a little surprising that he is loved so much.

When it comes to fan favorites, Severus Snape is pretty high up on the list. Many fans love him and everything he represents to the series. The ones who don’t like him make a really good point as to why he isn’t their favorite.

It seems a little confusing that he would be beloved so much since the movies make his continual love of Lily a little creepy. In the films, he is very clearly older and that makes him loving Lily for all that time span way longer than the books suggests.

The Potters were quite young when they had Harry. Lily was 19 years old when she became pregnant, making all their friends roughly the same age. So when Harry would have confronted Snape during Deathly Hallows, Snape would have only been about 39 years old when he ended up dying.

Alan Rickman, who was a phenomenal Snape, was in his sixties during the last movie. The series has many discrepancies that we don’t really notice the little things like age. But still, a 39 year old Snape still being in love with Lily is a little more understandable (at least in some circles) than a man in his 60s still pining.

Maybe that makes him more tragic or maybe it is just a little weird, either way, it would have been nice to see the right age Snape in the series.

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Would it have changed if they casted the adults as the correct age in the movies? Or was Alan Rickman perfect enough that we can forgive it? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think!