25 Game of Thrones characters that bring more fire than ice

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Brienne of Tarth

Gwendoline Christie is one beautiful woman, and when you get her dressed as Brienne of Tarth, there is no stopping our love for her. A woman who can defend our honor and look beautiful while doing so? Sign us up!

Brienne really shines whenever she’s paired up with Jaime Lannister. The two have many heart to hearts and become an unlikely friendship pairing (and perhaps, someday, it’ll be more). That doesn’t take away from her badass nature though. She may truly be a softie at heart, but she can take you on the battlefield without breaking a sweat. Brienne isn’t one to take a man prisoner unless it’s asked of her.

Game of Thrones is no stranger to having strong women at the forefront of the show. Most are powerful fighters, strong leaders, and can definitely deliver a punch or two. Brienne has helped women everywhere learn that they could be these incredible leaders without having to sacrifice anything.

And to us, that’s pretty thirstworthy. Any woman who can defeat a man with a sword and then carry us off into the depths of Westeros is a woman that we want on our side! And believe us, Brienne of Tarth is definitely one warrior you want on your side when riding into battle for the Iron Throne.