Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger: Let’s talk about that card reading


Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger takes its voodoo very seriously. This latest reading has a lot in store for Tyrone, but who else might it include?

Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger keeps dabbling in voodoo. Which makes sense since it’s set in New Orleans.

In the most recent episode, Evita sat down with her auntie, who did a reading for New Orleans itself. It took the entire episode, but in the end, the reading wasn’t great for anyone. Everything revolves around Tyrone.

”In the end, one will live and one will die,” her auntie proclaims. It makes that 3D printed voodoo doll of Tyrone feel all the more important. Obviously, one of the lives mentioned is Tyrone.

But who is the other “one”?

The obvious guess is Tandy. These two are a pair, after all. But killing off one of the main characters doesn’t seem like the best idea. Plus, how would Tandy’s death affect Tyrone’s powers? Is that something the show is ready to throw at us? Probably not.

The next guess: Detective Connors. He’s Tyrone’s mark, his nemesis (even if Connors doesn’t know it). Everything he’s done so far has been to get closer to Connors. Tyrone would accomplish his goal and the city would (hopefully) come out triumphant.

Our last guess is one that might just be true: New Orleans.

There’s been so much talk so far about how resilient the city is. How it keeps coming back. What if, when the final showdown happens, whatever it may be, it’s New Orleans that ”dies”? Not in a world-razing sense that would call in the Avengers.

Something that shakes the city to its core. Tandy and Tyrone have limited control of their powers and don’t know their full potential. When they team up for a major battle, it might not be for the best. They’ll win, but it may come at a serious cost to the city they love.

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No one said it had to be another person in the reading, right?