Can we please get that young Marauders series that we all want?


The Marauders are easily some of the most beloved characters in the Harry Potter series. So why haven’t we gotten a series of the young friends?

Every time there is an announcement for a new version of something Harry Potter, many fans cry out “Where is the Marauders series we want?”. Okay, maybe they don’t but still, we truly would love to see a young James, Sirius, Remus, and even Peter running around Hogwarts.

There is so much about this group of friends that we do not know. Because we only have second hand accounts of them, we don’t really see how close the friendship was especially between James, Sirius and Remus.

They were best friends and would do anything for each other. A trait that James’s son most definitely got from him. While they tormented Severus Snape, they still had some shining moments during their times at Hogwarts.

We’d even take a series from when they had already graduated if it meant seeing some of our favorites again. They’re beloved for a reason. Most everyone loves at least one member of the Marauders. Whether it is the mysterious Sirius Black or Remus Lupin or even Harry Potter’s father himself, everyone loves this friend group.

So much so that there have been multiple fan castings for the series (whether it is super young Marauders or after they have graduated from Hogwarts). Basically, fans want to see their favorite friends take on life together and even maybe show us a bit of the Order of the Phoenix. It would be a success no matter what so is there really anything to lose?

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