All 16 Queer Eye makeovers ranked (so yes, get the tissues)

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Queer Eye season 1 episode 7 production still. Image: Courtesy of Netflix

14. Joe, “Below Average Joe” (S1, E7)

Joe was already on a good path before being nominated for Queer Eye. He recently lost over 100 pounds, so there’s no better time for the Fab Five to come and help this guy out. He’s an out of work comedian who still lives at home with his parents, and the boys are going to help him get ready for a comedy show he’s doing at the end of the week.

Joe suffers from confidence, and his lack of confidence is keeping him stuck in the past. His bedroom looks like that of a 12-year-old boy (even though he’s 33) and he’s still wearing his way-too-big clothes after his weight loss.

As soon as Jonathan cuts his hair and shaves his beard down to a thick stubble, you can immediately see some more confidence in Joe’s eyes. The Fab Five even help Joe brand himself better to help out his comedy career, including taking some new headshots and building a new website.

To further help Joe work towards his independence, Bobby made Joe a whole new apartment in his parents’ basement. The space has plenty of room and its own entrance!

Joe still seems to have some confidence issues, but the awkward self-deprecating humor is his gig so it works for him. The Fab Five set him on the right path, both personally and professionally. And his new look even caught the attention of a certain lady friend of his, which had the whole gang of gays shrieking while they watched him ask her out on a date.