All 16 Queer Eye makeovers ranked (so yes, get the tissues)

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QUEER EYE season 2 episode 2 production still. Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

5. William, “A Decent Proposal” (S2, E2)

Some guys need a swift kick in the butt in order to move forward with their life, but William needed more than just one. How about five swift kicks to the butt from a group of well dressed gay men?

William was nominated by his girlfriend of three years, Shannan. She called the Queer Eye guys for help because William has a terrible sense of fashion — think scrappy t-shirts tucked into ugly cargo shorts — and a non-existent grooming routine. Shannan says he’s gotten complacent and wants to get married sooner rather than later, but William is scared of rejection.

The Fab Five have a big job to do, and that’s to help William pull off the perfect proposal for the love of his life. But that’s not the only task at hand. Their house needed a major overhaul because most of their furniture was from Shannan’s former marriage, AWKWARD! Plus, William is in dire need of some grooming.

William claims he doesn’t shave often because he gets red, itchy spots, so Jonathan brings him to a dermatologist for a soothing facial and shaves that mess off his face! Just the shave alone changes William drastically, or “a major #TransformationTuesday” as Jonathan put it, but the haircut was really the cherry on top. He looks so suave but low-maintenance. And he can’t stop smiling — he even says he feels confident.

He’s laughing and joking with the guys, which shows that he’s opening up to new people! Best of all, the guys help William come up with a proposal that is unique and romantic, and a perfect representation of him and Shannan’s relationship. Also, the makeover of his bedroom alone was enough to bring tears to William’s eyes. Finally, his house is his and Shannan’s.

For the proposal, William brings Shannan on a special date to an outdoor movie, because of their shared love of movies. Before that night’s motion picture, though, there’s a short video by none other than William, where he proclaims his love to his wife-to-be, before running out on stage in a white tux to pop the question. Shannan is bawling before he even brings out the ring, and when she says yes, there’s not a dry eye in the Fab Five loft!

Who doesn’t love a happy ending?