50 best television shows set across the United States

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California: Baywatch

The premise: Baywatch follows the lives of a group of insanely good-looking and physically fit lifeguards patrolling the beaches of California. It starred David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson, but strangely enough, NBC canceled it after only one season. It survived, mostly due to its loyal fans, through syndication and went on to run for many, many more seasons.

It looks pretty similar to any other nighttime soap opera, except the characters rarely get out of their swimsuits. It has a “catastrophe of the week” vibe to it, and the lifeguards routinely have to take on situations that they are woefully under-qualified to handle.

The setting: Firmly placed on the beaches of Los Angeles County, California, there was endless amounts of sunshine and saltwater. Although the show’s characters sometimes ventured off the beach and the lifeguard HQ, they mostly spent their time slow-motion running down the sandy beaches of LA.

The most California thing about it: Everything about this show screams Southern California in the ’90s. From the notorious red swimsuits with the high-leg cut bikinis, to the deep, deep tans, to the jiggle and bounce is so Cali. In fact, the show became synonymous with its setting, and the show tanked when it tried to relocate to Hawaii.