50 best television shows set across the United States

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New Hampshire: The Goodwin Games

The premise: This show, which was woefully underappreciated, follows a trio of estranged siblings who return to their hometown after their father’s death. Expecting to inherit his fortune, they get a surprise when his will informs the brothers and sister that they must compete in a series of games of their father’s devising. Beau Bridges plays their dad with a winking wit and just enough snark to make it seem normal we only meet him through his funeral video.

Because dad knew the siblings would be reluctant to really give it all, he introduced a fourth contender for the $23 million inheritance.

The setting: In a nondescript small town in New Hampshire, the specific setting becomes less important, but its value as an anchor for the siblings is evident. All three of the siblings, Henry, Chloe and Jimmy, fled the town and are only back now because they think they are going to get all their dad’s money. The town is just a unifying force, reminding them that they might actually be the jerks the other siblings think they are.

The most New Hampshire thing about it: Although the show didn’t really get a chance to make a big deal about its setting, but it has the look and feel of a classic New England town. The show relies on sweeping shots of vibrant foliage, crisp, white, church steeples, and Tudor-inspired architecture to drill down on its region and geography.