50 best television shows set across the United States

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Montana: Caitlin’s Way

The premise: The show follows the life of a troubled young girl, as she moves from Philadelphia to a ranch in Montana. Caitlin Seeger lost her mother when she was eight and desperately wants a loving family and safe home, but her tough-girl persona makes it difficult to connect. She continues to get in trouble, and when faced with the choice of either a juvenile detention center or to go live with her mother’s cousin in Montana, she chooses the latter.

As time goes by, Caitlin and her new family learn to trust each other, and they settle into a family routine that offers her the life she’s always wanted — a loving and permanent home.

The setting: Arriving on the picturesque ranch, the open spacious land is meant to be in direct contrast with her chaotic life in the big city. It becomes a metaphor for the changes that Caitlin goes through, as she finally realizes her dream of a safe and permanent home.

The most Montana thing about it: Although Caitlin went through some extreme culture shock, she quickly came to appreciate and love her new home on the ranch. She even meets and rescues a stallion while there and names him Bandit, and I don’t believe this would be as believable in a show set anywhere but here.