25 movies with The Last Jedi actors you should definitely watch

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Ex Machina (Domnhall Gleeson and Oscar Isaac)

A movie that you may either hate or love with all your heart, Ex-Machina is a great film that shows the dangers of our obsession with robots and technology. Oscar Isaac plays a genius who creates a robot that is completely cognizant and looks as if she can be a human in society.

The problem? Why he created the AI technology in the first place. The movie features Oscar Isaac doing a sexy dance with another one of his robots while Domnhall Gleeson is there to try and figure out his work.

It is futuristic, wild, and very much a movie of our era. One of the main points of contention comes from the idea that he uses these robots for his own sexual pleasures. It shows what kind of person he is but that is often lost in the idea that everyone is relatively terrible in Ex-Machina.

You end up rooting for the machine and wanting her to win because of what happens throughout the movie. Then again, if you want the movie objectively and just enjoy the story before you, it is a fun time. And don’t forget that Oscar Isaac does a sexy dance with a robot.