Ginny Weasley and her standing as the only character with BDE


Saw a lot about BDE on the internet yesterday? Well how about the fact that Ginny Weasley is the only Harry Potter character with it?

Ginny Weasley may not be everyone’s favorite character but she is currently the only Harry Potter character with BDE credit. For those who don’t know, The Cut came out with an article about energies pertaining to the size of a man’s parts and thus an internet phenomenon was born.

Through this, people started to relate it back to fictional characters. One of those characters was, surprisingly, Ginny Weasley. Surprisingly, Alexis Nedd on Twitter stated that the only character to have BDE was Ginny.

While I agree, I also think that Sirius Black has BDE from what we’ve seen, especially before he went to Azkaban. Again, if you don’t know what BDE is then this entire thing is insane but basically it is the way someone carries themselves.

So it makes sense that Ginny would be the one with BDE. She’s been through so much, she’s ready to take on everything and that quiet confidence is what gives off the illusion that she would have BDE.

It honestly wouldn’t be surprising if someone came up with an argument for Neville Longbottom either. He is consistently surprising everyone with his abilities and ability to “glow up” so why wouldn’t he also have BDE?

The case in point is that anyone could have an argument for why any character could have BDE but it just depends.

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Do you agree? Is Ginny the only one with BDE? Or do you think someone else has BDE as well? Do you even know what BDE is? Sound off in the comments below and let us know your thoughts!