25 favorite ’80s and ’90s teenage heartthrobs and what they’re doing now

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Joshua Jackson

What made him a heartthrob: Joshua Jackson played one of the most adorable and easy to love boyfriends on TV, Pacey Whitter. If there were some folks who were Team Dawson on Dawson’s Creek, it was a small minority because Jackson was the very best this show had to offer.

Even as he was painted as the slacker who couldn’t get anything right, Pacey was sensitive and thoughtful, and not nearly as annoying as the third point of the love triangle, Dawson. As fans of the show know all too well, Pacey won the girl next door in the end, and they lived happily ever after together.

What he’s doing now: Jackson is still playing very handsome men in extremely complicated relationships. He stars alongside Maura Tierney, Dominic West, and Ruth Wilson in Showtime’s steamy, sexy whodunnit, The Affair. If you ask me, he doesn’t get nearly screen time, but he’s got a beard that will keep you up at night.

He also starred in FOX’s critically acclaimed science fiction show, Fringe. Although the show struggled to hang on to its ratings, it’s garnered quite the cult following. It’s a really good show, and the best part about it is that Jackson is in almost every scene.

Joshua at it’s best: Jackson’s Pacey might quite possibly be the most romantic character ever. Watch season 3, episode 23, “True Love” to get a sense of just how badly he’s putting all other BF’s to shame. As the latest season of The Affair draws near, season 2 is the best Cole to drool over at Showtime.com