25 favorite ’80s and ’90s teenage heartthrobs and what they’re doing now

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Ryan Phillippe

What made him a heartthrob: I Know What You Did Last Summer made heartthrobs and ‘it’ girls of all of its stars, Philippe included. However, he wasn’t really TigerBeat material until his role as Sebastian in the sexy Cruel Intentions. Sebastian was the rakish, deceptive, yet devilishly handsome love interest for both Reese Witherspoon’s Annette and Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Kathryn.

What he’s doing now: Currently, you can find Phillippe on the USA action series, Shooter as  Bob Lee Swagger. And a few years ago he starred on the ill-fated Secrets and Lies. 

Ryan at his best: I prefer my Phillippe with a little bit of a harder edge, so I really liked him as Channing McClaren. He knows how to do gritty and complex, this show really gives him the range to do so.

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