The 100 season 5 episode 8 preview: How We Get To Peace


This week’s episode of The 100 will build off of “Acceptable Losses,” showing the choices Clarke and the others will need to make to “get to peace.”

During last week’s episode of The 100, Clarke decided she’d do anything to forge peace with Diyoza. After all, it’s the only way to get her home back — and to protect Madi. Unfortunately, Clarke’s latest plan involves “taking out” Octavia. And as ruthless as she’s been, we’re hoping Clarke means temporarily.

Judging by this week’s preview, Clarke and Bellamy will be putting Clarke’s plan into action right away. Both sides seem to be trying to work toward some semblance of peace, though something is bound to get in the way.

Watch the promo for “How We Get To Peace” here:

The preview opens with Kane and Diyoza, staring out at a green landscape. Diyoza demands to know what they’re looking at, to which Kane replies, “That’s where the trading post will be. A real place for people to gather, debate ideas.” As the Eligius leader doesn’t scoff at his words, it seems her intentions to build a better world are genuine.

Unfortunately, while Kane is advocating for democracy, Clarke and Bellamy appear to be taking it by force. A brief glimpse shows them dragging an unconscious body away, and another shot catches Bellamy knocking out Cooper. There’s also a shot of Octavia surrounded by guards, looking angry and uneasy.

From these moments, it appears the duo is following through with their plan to “take out Octavia.” But the distraught looks on their faces later in the trailer make us wonder whether the plan worked. And if so, what did it cost them?

Kane’s closing statement echoes Monty’s sentiments from the previous episode: “Until you recognize that we’re all just people, all this will ever be is a battlefield.” We hope the rest of the characters listen to him, but then there may not be a show.

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“How We Get To Peace” airs Tuesday, June 26 at 9 p.m. EST.