Harry Potter and the Dursleys: What happened after Deathly Hallows?


It appeared that Harry Potter and the Dursleys had an understanding after Deathly Hallows. So did he see them again or just write them off completely?

Harry Potter had a very hard life with the Dursleys. One that we, as fans, understand. He hated them and we hated them too because of how they treated a small boy. So what does that mean for after their ‘supposed’ acceptance of one another?

The last we see of the Dursleys, Harry is sending them away before going off to fight Voldemort. He and Dudley have an understanding of each other they never had before and it is lovely to see. So what happened after that?

To be quite honest, it wouldn’t be surprising if Harry just wrote them off never to see them again. It’d be understandable too. They tormented him for years, threatened to not let him go to Hogwarts, all because Petunia was jealous of her sister.

It wasn’t right, Harry’s life was terrible, and if he chose not to ever look at the Durselys again, that would make sense. However, I don’t think he’d do that to Dudley. The two seemed to finally get along in the end and for them to have that growth and then it be over? It just seems kind of pointless.

So maybe Harry eventually reaches out to his cousin or Dudley searches for Harry. It isn’t exactly Dudley’s fault, his parents were terrible. But Dudley grew and apologized and that’s what counts and maybe they reconnected years down the line for all we know.

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Do you think Harry saw the Dursleys again or was that it? Do you think they care? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think!