25 amazing fan art images from the Marvel Cinematic Universe

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16. I’m Here Steve

Again, this existed to make everyone miserable. If you’re a Bucky Barnes fan, you probably screamed “WHY?” in the theater by the end of Avengers: Infinity War. The first to succumb to the fading away caused by Thanos, it wasn’t fun to watch.

In this fan art, the idea that Bucky is still there with Steve Rogers honestly hurts the most. Sure, it was sad to watch Peter Parker fade away but that is nothing compared to these friends who have been through so much together.

From the start of their friendship, they have willingly given up everything for one another because they’re there “til the end of the line, pal”. So to watch as Bucky fell to the ground and disappeared while Steve watched on helplessly?

No thank you. Still, it was upsetting and one of the worst moments in our young fan lives but the artwork to come out of it is incredible. This work in particular is beautiful because it shows that even if Bucky is, theoretically, gone, he’s still with Steve.

They have been so connected throughout their lives that they are always together, even when they are not with each other. Hopefully it won’t be for long but either way, this art makes it a little less painful.