They may be terrible, but these are 15 TV characters we love to hate

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Tammy Two – Parks and Recreation

What’s her deal: Married to the man and legend, Ron Swanson, she knows exactly how to get what she wants from him. Tammy II is one of three Tammys in Ron’s life, the third being his mother, and she might be the worst and most destructive.

Even though Ron and Tammy II are divorced, they try dating a bit, and her manipulations almost work. Using her sexuality to woo him and confuse his senses, Tammy II is sneaky and conniving. She almost has Ron in her clutches after trotting out her whale tail thong and beef jerky whip.

Why we love her anyway: It goes without saying that we have to love any character Megan Mullally plays. She’s beautiful and hilarious, and her Tammy II is probably the only person in the world that can make Ron Swanson lose his composure. As buttoned down and curmudgeonly he can be, it’s a real kick to see him look like a heart-eyed emoji anytime she is near.

The first time we meet her, she’s trying to scam Ron out of a piece of land, and it doesn’t even matter. She saunters in, casts her spell on Ron, and the rest is Parks and Rec history. Any woman who can make Ron Swanson swoon has a place in my heart.

Where to find her: She didn’t appear on the series until season 2, but she came back almost once per season after that. You can watch Tammy II (and I and III) on Netflix right now.