25 iconic Jurassic Park moments that we will never forget

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14. The final battle in Jurassic World

There were a lot of things about Jurassic World that people didn’t like. You know what isn’t one of them? The final battle between the T-Rex and the Indominus Rex. Granted, the T-Rex couldn’t do the fight alone and maybe that’s why this is the best fight sequence in the franchise.

Most of the time, it is just the Raptors against the T-Rex. Or people with guns against the dinosaurs. But this fight is special because the humans realize they can’t win. They’ve created a dinosaur that isn’t just powerful but smart. So what do they do?

Well, the pray the dinosaurs can stop it. With the help of the T-Rex, the Raptors, and, eventually, the Mosasaurus, they’re able to take down the Indominus Rex. It’s wonderful because it is one of the few times that we see an epic battle like this. Normally, it is everyone running away from a dinosaur without a real villain.

The Indominus Rex is very much the villain of Jurassic World and maybe that is part of the problem (since they’re not villains but rather products of their creator in the other films). Whatever the case may be, this fight is pretty epic.