The significance of Harry Potter’s scar from Professor Umbridge


While Harry Potter has quite the array of scars, his scar from Professor Umbridge is one that fans often forget about and it might be the most important.

Harry Potter is littered with scars. From his lightning bolt to those he gained in battle, he seems to always have a constant reminder of the life he’s led. So why do most of us forget about his scar from Umbridge?

Is it because his lightning bolt holds more of a significance? Well, we’re going to talk about how that might not be the case. Yes, the lightning bolt is severely important but it represents the loss of his parents and his destiny that Voldemort laid out before him.

The scar reading “I mustn’t tell lies” has  a completely different meaning. Equally as morbid but still, different nonetheless. It reminds Harry of the importance of truth. His entire life, he had been lied to. Whether it was by his aunt and uncle or by Sirius and Dumbledore, very few people willingly told him the truth.

So when it came time for him to be an adult, it is a reminder that he shouldn’t lie, a pretty big plot point in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. He always tries to be honest with those near him and the public and it is truly honorable of Harry. Even if the scar that is there to remind him of that fact is plagued by the monster that was Delores Umbridge.

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It is sad and maybe not the best way to teach that message but it is important for us to remember. We mustn’t tell lies, we don’t know who they could hurt and so, in the end, it is just better to always tell the truth.