20 reasons we still love the magic of Mulan 20 years later

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8. Mulan meeting Yao and Po

When Mulan goes into the Chinese army camp, she is nervous and doesn’t know how to act. That is when she takes cues from Mushu which are not that great. He tells her she needs a “man walk” and she ends up walking in like a duck with her legs wide apart.

Mulan met Yao in an aggressive way all thanks to Mushu. Mushu told her that men say hello by punching each other and by slapping them on the behind. Yao said, “I’m going to hit you so hard it’ll make your ancestors dizzy!” But Po helped Yao calm down by grabbing him and doing a very strange chant. It all seemed like the situation is over until Mushu said a retort to Yao. Then the infamous fight with the entire camp ensued.

Rice went everywhere, and everyone got involved in the brawl. The whole thing ended up with Mulan hiding on the ground and the soldiers blaming it on her. It was a great way to get Ping into it all because Mulan had to work harder to earn respect from the whole group. That meant that she needed to work twice as hard and if she hadn’t done that, she may not have lasted through the experience.