20 reasons we still love the magic of Mulan 20 years later

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9. Mulan’s impression of a guy is hysterical

When Shang walks out of his tent, he realizes Mulan is the one who caused the fight. So he walks up to her asking her name. Mushu tries to help her out but it becomes a mess.

She decides that her name is Ping and tries to act like a guy. “Ping” gets a deeper voice and says that he had to start a fight due to “those manly urges”. Then he spits, and it is disgusting but still funny.

Chi- Fu says “that boy is an absolute lunatic.” What is funny about this movie is that they show a woman can be whatever she wants but a man is a man. When Mulan pretended to be Ping, she became the typical manly guy who is big, likes fighting, and spits.

Li Shang then blames the mess on Ping and announces to the camp that because of Ping they will be picking up every single grain of rice. This causes every soldier to be angry with Ping and Mushu says, “You know, we really need to work on your people skills.” This entire scene is hilarious and is a funny look at what a woman thinks a man acts like around their friends.