The tragic understanding of how Harry Potter sees himself as an adult

Harry Potter has never really been a character who was the most confident but how he sees himself as an adult is maybe one of the greatest things about him.

While Harry Potter is a savior to many, he doesn’t really see himself as such. That much was made true in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child when he continually questioned how many people had to die for him to live.

It is honestly one of the more depressing aspects to his character. He’s a lovely man who dedicated his entire life to the wizarding world. But when it really counted, Harry had his achievements thrown back into his face because someone was upset by what happened to their children.

But then that wasn’t really Harry’s fault. He did whatever he had to to make sure that Voldemort did not succeed but then it still resulted in the death of those around him. Harry tried his best to make sure everyone was safe and they threw it back at him. “How many people have to die for the boy who lived?”

It’s so sad because, as fans, we know that Harry will question that. He’ll internalize it and that isn’t fair to him. He just wants to make sure the world is a better place and everyone throws it back to him like he is actively trying to hurt those around him.

While it is sad, would you expect anything else from Harry? He’s a boy who lived his life being shut out and pushed aside by his uncle and his aunt. So yes, it is sad but it fits with his character. The hope is just that he finally realizes his worth after Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.