Your summer watchlist: 15 shows you can watch to beat the heat

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The rundown: Sutton Foster plays a recently divorced woman trying to re-enter the workforce after 17 years as a stay-at-home mother. This all happens as her daughter leaves for college and her ex-husband reveals himself as an irresponsible jerk with a gambling addiction.

Liza moves to the city and starts to job hunt, but quickly realizes her age is a liability. After an encounter with a hunky young tattoo artist who mistakes her for a 26-year-old, Liza decides to go on interviews pretending to be younger than she actually is. It works, and she’s hired at a publishing company. But he has to keep her secret from everyone in both her private and professional life.

Why it’s summer fun: For one, it’s an extreme exercise in the suspension of disbelief. I’ll admit, Sutton Foster looks amazing for a 43-old-woman. I mean, she looks damn good, but it’s a hard sell to believe her as 26-year-old. But I want to believe, and it makes for a fun tension throughout the series wondering if and when someone will find out her big secret.

It’s also a pretty sweet story about female friendships and how women can help other women succeed if we don’t feel compelled to compete with them. Hilary Duff plays Kelsey, Liza’s superior and friend, and it’s such a delight to sort through the dramatic irony of watching Kelsey try to mentor this 40-year-old woman. There’s a love triangle that will make you swoon. Will Liza develop heart eyes for the dreamy young tattoo artist or her dapper boss with the jawline?

Also something to love: the wardrobe of this show. It’s bold and provocative, and I wish I had everything single piece of clothing these characters own!

Where to watch: Seasons 1 through 4 are on Hulu, and current episodes from season 5 are on the TVLand website.