Your summer watchlist: 15 shows you can watch to beat the heat

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12. Preacher

The rundown: Based on a popular graphic novel by the same name, it was adapted for AMC by Seth Rogen, Sam Catlin, and Evan Goldberg. It stars Dominic Cooper as Jesse Custer, a back-sliding, hard-partying, prodigal preacher, returning home to take over his late father’s church.

Not long after he arrives, he receives a mysterious supernatural gift, which his childhood friend Tulip and new acquaintance and vampire, Cassidy help him understand and use.

Why it’s summer fun: It’s mostly Ruth Negga’s Tulip that provides all the good times. She’s good for a solid car chase, shootout, cursing out, and a fist fight. Her all-around badassery is the most fun I’ve had with an hour-long “drama” in years and years.

There is also a fair amount of camp surrounding Jesse’s crisis of faith and his religious calling. We’re meant to take it tongue-in-cheek as the themes of faith and conscience collide with the extreme violence, gore, and gruesome displays of sex and depravity. I told you it was fun.

Where to watch it: Season 3 airs this summer, and you can catch up on Hulu. Take my word for it, this is not one of those shows that you can just pick up mid-season. You must watch from the beginning because it gets pretty nutty.