Oh, great, The Nun is here to haunt our dreams just like The Conjuring


Just in case 2018 wasn’t terrifying enough anyway, it’ll also see the release of The Nun, part of The Conjuring universe, and the trailer’s horrifying.

Wednesdays are not supposed to be scary days. It’s hump day, which means the weekend is close. Maybe your weekend is starting a little early. Regardless, The Nun‘s first trailer dropping on Wednesday like this is legitimately scary — and that’s before we even get into the trailer itself, which also brings the scares just to ruin everyone’s Wednesday a little more. (What more could you expect from a movie in The Conjuring series?)

Look, there’s an actual plot to this movie, which has to do with a convent in Romania where a nun committed suicide. American Horror Story alum Taissa Farmiga stars as a young novice sent to investigate. That’s right: this movie is not even fighting evil nun spirits with good nuns. She gets a priest to help out, but the trailer’s description points out that he has a “haunted past.”

So, in other words, he’s a good priest, but he’s got some darkness to him.

Here’s the trailer below. It’s safe-for-work in terms of language, but there are creepy nuns, so we’ll leave it to you to make the final call:

Now, to be completely serious for a few moments here before the terror takes back over, this is a legitimately good trailer. It sets the creepy atmosphere and visually shows off our heroine and our villain by dressing one entirely in white and the other with only a strip of white and mostly in black. The jump scare towards the end might be expected, but still manages to be terrifying because of the twist to it.

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Back to the terror: This is the kind of movie that definitely requires some fortification before seeing it in theaters this Sept. 7. What do you make of this trailer?