25 most outrageous moments in Real Housewives history

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Phaedra incorporates a pickle into her pregnancy photoshoot – RHOA

Phaedra Parks was a self-proclaimed “Southern Bell”  so when she made some real questionable choices in taste and decorum it came as a bit of a shock. We first met Phaedra when she was pregnant, and she was doing too much even then.

She and her husband, Apollo, were the new couple on the show — young and beautiful and super rich. They threw extravagant parties, wore designer clothes, and lived in a huge mansion in the swanky Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta. You can understand how surprised we were to see Phaedra incorporate pickles into her pregnancy photo shoot.

The more we got to know Phaedra, we realized how eccentric she really was. She surprised us all in later seasons with her pettiness and sneakiness, but back when she was still the sweet-faced Southern Bell with impeccable taste, it was a shock to the senses to see her pose with her lips wrapped around a pickle.

It really is as absurd as it sounds, and it looked even worse. I get the connections and the play on the old wives’ tale about pregnant ladies craving pickles, but to take it so literally is really kind of embarrassing.