25 most outrageous moments in Real Housewives history

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Erika and Dorit get involved in Pantygate – RHOBH

If you’re a fan of the Beverly Hills clique, you might be tired of hearing about Erika Jayne’s panties. The whole debacle was discussed ad nauseam over the course of the season, and it became the main source of tension between Erika and Dorit. Possibly a sign of the show’s decline into boring, it’s hard to believe something so ridiculous could eat up so many episodes, but such is Beverly Hills.

It all started when Erika arrived at a party a few minutes late and had to join the ladies already a glass and a half of wine in. Apparently, when she did, she might have accidentally offered an unintentional peek at her lady bits, and it was later revealed that she was not wearing any underwear. While you would think good manners would dictate the other cast mates just avert their eyes, but PK went another way.

He makes it a whole thing, which in turn, Dorit makes an even bigger thing, and then, there we were, constantly discussing the state of Erika’s vagina. Dorit runs to tell the other women that it made PK very uncomfortable (sure). She also went on to indict Erika’s ladyhood, and made a huge joke of it by buying her a pair of nude panties. Seriously, this storyline went on for the entire season and was even a topic of discussion at the reunion.

Of course, Erika felt embarrassed by the whole thing and Dorit and PK’s persistence at keeping it alive. It drove a wedge between the two women and practically killed viewers from boredom. I may have strained my neck with all the eye rolling I did that season.