25 most outrageous moments in Real Housewives history

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Sheree demands to know, “Who gon’ check me, boo?” – RHOA

Hands down, my favorite moment in all the Housewives franchise, I find myself uttering this phrase several times a week. It’s a handy tool I keep in my arsenal when I need folks to understand I won’t be underestimated.

The context of Sheree’s golden nugget of a quote is far less glamorous or self-righteous, but I choose to ignore its ugly origins. She says this to the world’s worst party planner who obviously has never had one class in customer service. He comes into the meeting already pretty hot, and when Sheree expresses her concerns about his performance, things get nasty, very quickly.

In Sheree’s defense, the planner, an employee of hers, was so rude and prickly, I can’t believe he would have the audacity to act this way, and things got way, way out of control. Before threats of physical violence were lobbed back and forth across the table, Sheree uttered the coolest phrase in the history of the English language. When she sat back, cocked that eyebrow, and drawled, smooth as ice, “Who gon’ check me, boo?” I think the world stopped turning for just a second.

The party planner knew she had gotten the best of him, and that’s probably why he got so out of control with her. Nobody likes to be shown up, but to be bested in the coolest, most effortless way imaginable, must sting.