25 most outrageous moments in Real Housewives history

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Kim reveals that Kyle “Stole my goddamn house,” and Kyle outs her alcoholism – RHOBH

Much like the Giudices and Gorgas of the New Jersey show, Beverly Hills couldn’t have made a name for itself without the Richards sisters. Former child stars, the both of them, they have a cut-throat flair for the dramatic that can quickly turn from entertaining to highly embarrassing.

Before it was commonly known that Kim was a drug addict and alcoholic, she was one of the most popular Housewives of this installment. We loved to see her and sister interact, and her testimonial banter and commentary were priceless. Looking back, you can tell she wasn’t in complete control, but at the time, we just thought she was quirky.

However, things take an ugly turn between her and Kyle after a party one night, when all the pretending and performing melted away and we got to see two sisters really go at each other. It was one of those scenes that you had to watch through your fingers, with your mouth hanging open. You really just can’t believe that two sisters are acting this way in front of cameras. I guess it really is true that they forget they are there.

Kim is obviously and sloppily intoxicated, swaying and slurring her discontent with Kyle. Fed up with, yet another scene from her sister, she tries to reason with Kim, but she couldn’t get through to her. Instead of just letting Kim drunkenly rant on her own, Kyle continued to engage until Kim shouted, “You stole my goddamn house.” Incensed at the accusation, Kyle blurted out that she was an alcoholic, and things were never the same between the two.

Since this season, Kim has struggled with addiction, been in and out of rehab, and gone to jail for crimes committed while under the influence. Looking back, it’s a really dark day in Housewives history because we now know what she was going through.