25 most outrageous moments in Real Housewives history

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Joe and Joe get into a fist fight – RHONJ

It’s a gamble working with family, and this big, messy, loud Italian family brought all sorts of preexisting baggage to the New Jersey show. When the first show began, we had the Manzo clan and the Giudice clan, and that provided enough conflict to carry a whole season. Soon, however, they started fighting amongst themselves and that’s when things got really good.

The tension between Teresa Giudice and her sister-in-law, Melissa was the kindling that started this fire, and it grew to other members of the cast as they were forced to take sides. Of course, both the women’s husbands were on their respective wives’ sides, and coincidentally are both named Joe. The Joes came face to face at a mountain getaway and the yelling and posturing gives way to some awkward grappling and lots of huffing from the two beefy men.

They roll around for a little bit before they get broken up, and then they just stand there, red-faced, panting at their wives as they screech in the faces. These men are brothers-in-law, people. Imagine what Thanksgiving dinner is going to be like.

The best and most hilarious thing about the whole kerfuffle is that there is are mysterious black smudges all over everything. The cast never acknowledged it, really, and production never answered the questions, but the internet provided the answers. Fans took to social media, and it was quickly deduced that the black stuff all over everything was the color Joe Gorga used to cover his bald spot. Apparently, he’s balding and uses a spray to touch it up. He shaves his whole head now, and it’s probably as a direct result of that episode.